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One very important value held by the Chester County Solid Waste & Recycling Department is educating the public on environmentally responsible waste disposal .The Recycling Coordinator talks to students about the importance of recycling and shows student how easily it can be done in their own community and neighborhood. Chester the Chipmunk is Chester County Solid Waste’s recycling mascot. Chester helps the recycling coordinator teach students about recycling and stopping litter. The presentation last about 30-45 minutes and our recycling trailor can be brought for the students to tour. Each year a Magic Recycling Show is sponsored by the TN Department of Transportation Litter Grant Program. Students learn the importance of stopping litter and learning to recycle. The Chester County Solid Waste Department does tours throughout the year of the recycling center and equipment used to run the recycling center.  If you are interested in taking a tour to see what happens to your recycling please give us a call.

In 2010, Chester County Solid Waste & Recycling Department started reaching out to our schools about recycling. Paper containers were put in every class rooms as well as several containers throughout the schools. Aluminum can and bottle bins were placed in the schools to collect bottles and can recycling. the recycling paper route is run every Tuesday morning to pick up the recycling items in the schools and offices. The cardboard route runs every day of the week and picks up at all Chester County Schools, county offices, and 76 businesses.

For more information on all our programs please call our office at 731-989-9855. Join us on Facebook and Twitter!


For more information on these programs please
call our office at (731) 989-9855.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter!


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